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2020 International Architecture Commendation for Sustainable Architecture - Miura Fold House

"The Miura Fold house blends seamlessly with its surrounding landscape. Passively heated and cooled, the well-insulated home makes great use of its thermal mass and strategic north-east orientation with minimal openings to east and west. Much of the excavated stone is reused in the surrounding shelter walls, integrating the house with the site. The low embodied-energy materials, low toxin finishes and local construction techniques further reduce the ecological impact of this dwelling, making it a commendable example of sustainability by design." AIA

2013 VIC Sustainable Architecture Award - Alan and Beth Coldicutt Award - Croft House

Quite early in the assessment process, from a field of 240 commendable entries, each the result of professional passion, a single project emerged from the crowd to announce itself with a clear voice above all others. Subsequently, throughout a rigourous process, that project remained to become a unanimous, clear leader and as fresh as the new day.

2009 National Architecture Award - Snowy Mountain House


2009 Blackett Award - Snowy Mountains House


2009 NSW Residential Award - Snowy Mountains House

James Stockwell, the project architect for two of Stutchbury's Robin Boyd-Award-winning houses, is also creating waves since setting up his own practice. The Western Australian has won the coveted Wilkinson Award for Residential Building with his beautiful Leura House in the Blue Mountains.

2008 National Architecture Award for Residential Architecture (Houses) - Leura House

Along with the skilfully executed architecture and inventive structural solutions, it turns a beautiful site into a harmonious relationship of people, building and landscape.

2008 NSW Wilkinson Award for Residential Buildings - Leura House

James Stockwell won the 2008 Wilkinson Award, the Australian Institute of Architect's top award for a domestic house in NSW. The prize winning house is in the Blue Mountains in NSW, just outside of Sydney. James Stockwell is one of Australia's top young architects.

2005 National Robin Boyd Award with Peter Stutchbury Architect - Springwater House

James Stockwell was project architect for the Springwater, house winner of the National Robin Boyd Award for Residential Buildings in 2005 with Peter Stutchbury.

2003 National Robin Boyd Award with Peter Stutchbury Architect - Bay House

James Stockwell was project architect for the Bay House, winner of the National Robin Boyd Award for Residential Buildings in 2003.

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