James Stockwell Architect is based in Sydney. Projects are predominantly residential and small public buildings including a preschool and winery currently in design. 


The practice is concerned with developing unique architectural work specific to each project with a common thread of a strong influence of context, passive solar design, low running costs and that architecture tells a story of it's place and people. The practice is small and limited projects are undertaken so clients have a greater level of concentration on the work.  Buildings are in progress in locations around New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand.


James recently won the 2008 Wilkinson Award for Residential Buildings for the Leura House. The 2008 Jury chair commented with ''the awarded projects were all of a very high quality but we did believe there was one stand out".


Prior to establishment in 2000 James Stockwell Architect was project architect for the two Robyn Boyd Award winning houses while working with Peter Stutchbury. Professional experience includes urban design, landscape architecture and larger educational buildings including an auditorium.


The architecture is one of mostly natural low embodied energy materials. Passive solar design, natural light egress and enhancing the experience of the landscape are common threads in the work. Each project makes it’s own power and collects it's own water.


Fewer projects are undertaken with greater time spent with clients and the builder to ensure the required result and budget.